Chris Amend, Artist

Website redesign

From Chris’ artist statement: “My work is the visual product of my perceptions, musings, thoughts, struggles, yearnings. It grows from, and gives voice to, the daily processes of life, as filtered through my own sensibilities and idiosyncrasies; as such, it is as untidy and disorderly as is my own mind.”

Chris wanted to update his website for several reason, but primarily (1) to take his gallery out of Flash so that it could be viewed on all devices and (2) to allow for online orders. While we were updating the technology of his site, we gave the design a facelift, while also keeping the background dark to allow his images to stand out.

This website redesign is slated to go live early December 2014.

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Chris Amend, Artist - homepage on computer


Chris Amend homepage - beta

Montana website, graphics and print design