Wyoming State Games

Website redesign

2014 marked the second year of the WSG. They had 300+ participants in 17 events in 2014, up from about 135 people participating in 7 events in 2013. They hope to grow to maybe 400-600 participants for 2015. The WSG is run by all volunteers, spearheaded by co-director Shawn Powell, his wife, and co-director Jerry Davis.

Shawn put together the original WSG website with GoDaddy Site Builder but was not happy with result because, as he admitted, that was not his forte.

And that’s when Gypsydo stepped in.

With several goals, including…

  • improving the navigation and organization of content
  • updating the overall design
  • improving how images are used
  • adding new features like a countdown timer and calendar

…I created a plan for structuring the site for different phases of the year, like when the Games are in the planning phase and content is frequently updated vs. when registration is open.

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Wyoming State Games on laptop

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