Consistent style in writing equals professionalism

First impressions are important, especially when someone first “meets” you through your website. This doesn’t mean you can’t have an engaging, approachable style of writing. But if your website’s text is sprinkled with typos and grammatical errors, people will quit reading and leave your site no matter how great your product or service might be. And so, regardless of what your website is about, keep your writing consistently styled and use good grammar.

Examples of consistent style:

  • Write your phone number the same way, every time. For example, (555) 867-5309. Or 555-867-5309.
  • Referring to your business’s location? How about Missoula, Montana. Or Gillette, WY.

Even if English class wasn’t your strong point (or maybe it was), to help keep your copy clean, take advantage off some tools you probably already have right at your finger tips:

  • Draft up your website copy in Microsoft Word and run the spell check function before you copy and paste the text onto your website.
  • Read your writing aloud. You will be surprised at just how quickly you’ll discover any awkwardly constructed phrases.
  • Ask someone else to read though your writing and give it a final edit before you click “publish.”

Do you have any other quick-and-easy tips for polishing your prose before its published on your website?

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